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Check out our Youtube Chilled R&B | Trap | Future Soul Playlist!

The best way to chill out to some new soul and future r&b sounds. If you like Bedroom Rnb, Rnbass, Wavy, Vibey Funk, Soul, sexy, xxx, Contemporary Rnb, and New hip hop 2016/2017 this is your vibe.
This playlist is also available on our Spotify here:

Check out our 2017 Youtube R&B Trap playlist!

2017 R&B Trap Spotify Playlist
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2017 r&b trap playlist

Check out out 2017 r&b Trap playlist on youtube you can also listen on spotify here:

Check out our 2017 Spotify R&B Trap playlist!

All of the New R&b and Trap music from 2017 on Spotify. Follow us on Soundcloud for the best Indie R&b and Mainstream Trap & R&B hits! Mood: Alternative r&b, dark r&b, sex music, xxx, love music, baby making music, 90s rnb. The soulful Future wavy vibes are perfect for the bedroom or a smoke sesh with bae.

Make sure and follow the playlist!